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Celine Dion's Weight Loss Method

Celine mentioned that she has started taking ballet lessons. "People say, 'She's a lot thinner,' but I'm working hard," she told People magazine. I enjoy moving, and (weight loss) is a bonus." She attends ballet classes four times a week. Of course, this burns a lot of calories and gives you a slimmer body.

She also stated openly that she enjoys dancing. "Dancing has always been in my DNA," she told People. "It's a dream come true." And it's so difficult!"

  • Celine Dion also revealed her eating habits. This is what she consumes on a daily basis.

  • Celine Dion's Diet Breakfast consists of a cup of black coffee and a croissant.

  • Baguette with salad or cauliflower vichyssoise (soup) or quiche with salad and sweet Italian custard, Sabayon for lunch

  • Snacks - seasonal fruits, such as figs from Bavaria or French cherries

  • Sfihas (Mediterranean meat pie) with fried cauliflower or French fries on occasion for dinner.

Celine Dion's Exercise

"I start on the stationary bike, then lie on my stomach on a massage table, pushing into my palms or elbows to tone my shoulder blades in order to hold my neck — which is quite long — as I sing," Celine Dion stated in an interview with Elle. My physiotherapist checks to see that my spine is straight and that my shoulder blades aren't pressed together."