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What Is the GOLO Diet, and How Does It Work?

Unlike other diets like the keto diet or the Mediterranean diet, the GOLO diet is a specific diet plan rather than a method of eating. While the GOLO diet allows for some flexibility in terms of what you can eat, it does require a special supplement from GOLO, LLC, the firm that invented the diet in 2009.

The idea behind this diet is to lose weight by speeding up your metabolism and reducing insulin resistance (which causes a rise in blood sugar) in order to avoid health problems associated with obesity.

The creators are described as "committed doctors, pharmacists, and researchers" on the company's website. The CEO and president, however, are the only identifiable individuals identified, both of whom have sales and marketing credentials and are not doctors or registered dietitian nutritionists. The website, in fact, makes no mention of any individual healthcare personnel.

"The GOLO diet is a short-term weight-loss technique," explains Vikki Petersen, a licensed functional medicine practitioner who is also a certified clinical nutritionist and the founder and executive director of Root Cause Medical Clinic in California and Florida. "Its purpose is to normalize your metabolism and hormones by managing your insulin levels." The programs last anywhere from 30 to 90 days.

The website only provides a limited amount of information regarding the GOLO diet. Instead, you'll need to buy their supplement, Release, to get access to the "Metabolic Plan" materials. The goal of the GOLO diet, according to Petersen, is to address and lower elevated blood sugar levels produced by insulin resistance, which is linked to the development of cardiovascular disease. GOLO claims to speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight by tackling insulin resistance (in part with the supplement).

blue and white i love you round plate
blue and white i love you round plate