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"The Best Weight-Loss Diets were created by combining short-term and long-term weight-loss ratings and equally weighting both," they explain. "Some dieters want to lose weight quickly, while others want to lose weight gradually over time. Equal weighting recognizes the value of both goals."

The best weight-loss diets are:

  • Flexitarian diet, WW (previously Weight Watchers), and Volumetrics are all tied for first place.

  • Follow a vegan diet

  • Mayo Clinic diet, Vegetarian diet, Ornish diet, Jenny Craig diet, and Raw Food diet are tied for fifth place.

These diets are often low in calories, high in filling fiber, and abundant in fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, the GAPS and AIP diets (which are tied for bottom place), the Alkaline diet (which is ranked 38th out of 40), and the Dukan, Whole30, and Fertility diets are among the worst for weight reduction (which tie for 35th). Most of them are made with other goals in mind, such as lowering inflammation, improving fertility, and regulating internal pH, in addition to weight loss (although research has yet to prove this is possible with food).

While these best diets for weight loss have been shown to be the most effective eating habits for promoting weight loss, you don't have to stick to one diet to lose weight in a healthy way. Fill your shopping basket with these weight-loss-friendly items, and keep in mind the #1 weight-loss habit, according to a dietician. You'll be well on your way regardless of the program you choose if you prioritize plant-based healthy foods and attempt to stay hydrated.

bread with white cream on white ceramic plate
bread with white cream on white ceramic plate